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MakNay Events

Maknay Events is an innovative place to rely on for events and brand promotions, based in U.P.
Run by Mrs.Lalita Anand & Her experienced Team.

What we do?

For any brand or business, onsite display is a very important aspect of any promotional event. 

These displays are needed to be dealt with much care and professionalism as in the end, these are what defines the product in front of the people.

Many a times it is seen that businesses have to participate in particular exhibition / event just because of the reason that their competitors are participating in that event. 

This is done mainly keeping productivity and market name in mind.

The experts who are responsible for the organization of such events know quite well about how to conduct the whole event such that the business is able to maintain a competitive edge over its rivals.

The staffs for events that are there in the stalls have to be well informed about the product and services, such the overall productivity is increased.

For different types of event themes there is a different need for manpower for exhibitions. These events need a good hostesses and ushers.

Maknay Events has the best manpower staff for promoter’s reality shows